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About CCR

We've Reimagined the Recruitment Process.

Our agency specializes in a wide range of industries including technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive network to connect you with top talent tailored to your specific needs.

What we do

Recruitment Solutions for all

From temp workers to full time staffing teams, we have the solutions for companies of all sizes.


Unlock your business' potential with our bespoke recruitment services, designed to connect you to the talent that drives success.

By Real People

Empowering real connections in the workforce, we bring together individuals and opportunities to create meaningful careers.


Navigate your career journey with confidence, as we offer tailored employment solutions that align with your aspirations and skills.


Adding People Strategy in Every Company

Discover how embedding a people-centric strategy elevates company culture and unparalleled growth.

Featured Clients


Rechtien International Trucks


CCR’s team responded to our inquiry very promptly, we get al areas were covered and al our needs were met. The experience working with them is excellent, we apprecaite their dedication and consistency in quality work.


HYH International Cargo Services Inc


Once we requested a candidate search, CCR’s team was quick to find and submit candidates that met our criteria. They were open to listen to our feedback, and reviewed the candidates. 

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Frequently Ask Questions.

Here’s some questions we know we get often.

Asking Question at Meeting

We at Creative Consulting Recruiting Firm are innovators, problem solvers, and makers, not just consultants. Our ability to recruit exceptional personnel and our specific focus on many industries allow us to expand the potential for your company's development.

We utilize a comprehensive approach combining advanced recruiting technologies, social media, industry networking, and a database with over 540 K candidates. We have rigorous screening processes to source and vet candidates. Each candidate undergoes thorough interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to ensure they meet your criteria.

We pride ourselves on a high success rate, with over 90% of our placements remaining in their positions for more than a year. Our focus on matching not just skills but also company culture fit contributes to our successful placement record.

At Creative Consulting Recruitment Firm, we conduct detailed discussions with you to understand your company culture, values, and team dynamics. This insight, combined with our candidate evaluation process, allows us to ensure a strong cultural and ethical fit.

The timeframe can vary based on the role's complexity and market conditions. Typically, for mid-level positions, it takes us 2-3 days to present qualified candidates. Executive-level searches may take longer, around 3-5 days.

Absolutely. We are happy to provide references from our clients across various industries. Their experiences will give you insight into our process and the success we've helped them achieve.